How to Maintain a Positive Reputation While Doing Remote Work

1. Keep A Schedule

You need to have work hours and personal hours. Working any time will quickly turn into working all the time. By keeping regular work hours, you’ll be more likely to get your tasks done before quitting time. If you don’t feel that pressure to finish by the end of the work day, you may end up working all evening and never be completely off work.

2. Continue To Have Meetings

A lot of people complain about work meetings and view remote work as an excuse to get out of them. We’ve all been to meetings that could have been summarized in a brief email before, so the dislike for meetings is understandable. However, that face time with your colleagues is valuable.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Over Communicate

It’s easy to feel like you don’t need to message your boss again, but this is often a mistake when working remotely. While you don’t need to ask them unnecessary questions and make it seem like you can’t work on your own, it is valuable to tell them what you’re doing.



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