Kick It Up A Notch: Innovative Burger Ideas

There’s nothing more classic and delicious than a thick, juicy burger, topped with cheese and served on a toasted bun. While you can’t go wrong with this classic combination, if you want to experiment a bit with your burgers, we’ve got some incredible ideas that are sure to make your mouth water and leave your stomach happy.

1. Burgers for Breakfast

This tantalizing meat patty isn’t just for lunch and dinner. It’s also a perfect breakfast or brunch menu item. Top it with a sunny-side up egg and some smoky chipotle aioli for a burger that will keep you full for hours. If bacon and avocado are more your speed for breakfast, give that a try for a protein-packed start to your day.

2. A Surprise Center

Stuffed burgers are a recent craze, and for good reason. You can stuff them with just about anything- bacon, cheese, even butter. Stuffing them with butter leaves the burger nice and juicy, which is a great trick if you prefer your burger well-done but not dry.

3. Get Your Veggies

You can even top a burger with salad. Salad-topped-burgers are a complete meal- no need for a side dish. Try a caprese salad with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil. This is a great use for those veggies straight from the garden or farmers’ market.

4. Spice it Up

Jalapenos make a great topping for nachos, and an equally-great topping for burgers. Create a Mexican-style burger with a quick pico de gallo or slather the bun with a homemade, spicy Jalapeno cream cheese.

5. Experiment with Cheeses

If you want to try something new, but aren’t quite ready to go all out, simply change out the classic American cheese slice for something a little more unique. Gorgonzola, pepperjack, feta, swiss, and cheddar cheeses are all excellent choices.

Simple changes can pack a big punch when it comes to changing up the classic burger. Even something as easy as replacing a sesame seed bun with a toasted flatbread can make a huge difference in the flavor and texture of a burger. Give these tips a try at your next cookout for a wow-worthy main course.



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Gordon Eberwein

Gordon Eberwein is a distinguished entrepreneur, executive leader, and innovator. Outside of work, he is passionate about travel and food.