Tips for Changing Your Career Field

There are so many career fields out there to choose from that it can often be a struggle to figure out where to start looking. Some individuals may not know what else they are good at or if they are going to enjoy their new job. Changing to a new field is a big decision and one that should be well thought out. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect new career path for you.

Know Who You Are

Job seekers often try to highlight their skills most admirable to the job they are applying for. Although this may land you the job, you may be thrown into a field that you aren’t interested in working in. However, if you take the time to discover what brings you joy and how you would like to make an impact in the world, you can then choose a career based on those attributes.

Save Your Money

When changing careers, you will want to have a backup savings fund just in case your job search takes longer than you expect and you become unemployed. Save a little bit extra each month if you can, be more aware of how you are spending your money, and make sure you have a clear picture of what your monthly finances are. When you have a financial cushion to rely on, you can focus more on finding the career you will truly enjoy.

Don’t Let Fear Guide You

Changing jobs can be scary because people usually get comfortable in the job they are in and it makes change more difficult to cope with. Whenever fear is motivating your actions, dismiss this fear, and do something that relaxes you- go for a walk, do some breathing exercises, or attend a yoga class. Then, keep relentlessly searching for a career you will love. This might mean turning down jobs that aren’t a good fit for you, but you will find where you are truly meant to be in the process.

Choosing a new career can be a daunting experience, especially for those who are unsure which field would fit them the best. The key is to turn the job search into a positive experience and use it as an opportunity to reinvent oneself. Having an optimistic outlook on changing your career can help open up your mind to new experiences and eventually choose the perfect field for you. Keep searching until you find your true passion, even if you have to turn down a few offers along the way.



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Gordon Eberwein

Gordon Eberwein is a distinguished entrepreneur, executive leader, and innovator. Outside of work, he is passionate about travel and food.