Traveling in Canada During the Pandemic

Countries all over the world have placed restrictions on travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada is no exception. The Canada border is closed for discretionary travel including recreation, entertainment, and tourism. Canada currently is not accepting visitors from other countries.

Entering the Country

There are exceptions to these rules, but if a person displays symptoms of COVID-19 they will not be permitted to enter the country. Those that do have a reason to enter Canada will be instructed to provide contact information through an app to avoid contamination during the process.

Once admitted into the country, travelers must keep a good pace on their journey. During the trip, they need to have a tag displayed that states the date of their departure.

There is a quarantine period for those in the country. There is a fourteen-day self-isolation or quarantine period pending results of screening at the border. There are also hefty penalties in place if you do not follow these requirements upon entering the country.

Traveling within the Country

Before boarding a plane to travel within the country, passengers must pass a pre-flight health check. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to board the flight. If a person is denied a flight because of COVID-19, they cannot try to fly again until fourteen days have passed or they have a certificate from a physician that states that the symptoms are not COVID-19 related.

During the flight, passengers are required to wear a mask. The only exceptions to this rule are children under the age of two, those who have trouble breathing, those who have difficulty removing a mask, or those with a medical reason why they cannot wear a mask.

Cruises within the country are allowed as long as they have fewer than one hundred passengers and follow the current COVID-19 guidelines. Bigger cruise ships are prohibited in Canada until at least October 31st.

Social distancing is required in all public places including parks, beaches, and other recreational activities. Cultural spaces such as churches are limiting the number of people allowed inside at once and are using barriers and increased ventilation to promote a safe space for gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic.



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